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Health Wise Perth have donated 1 Shiatsu session Value £35
01-12-2018 11:49

Shiatsu is a wonderfully relaxing and energising treatment (through clothing), based on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine principles, using thumb and palm pressure, massage and gentle stretches to relieve tight areas – and no needles!

What is HealthWise Perth...?

... a complementary health practice based in Perth, Scotland, offering you the choice of one-to-one treatments in Shiatsu and NLP, carried out by Julia Marsh, a fully qualified practitioner.

In our increasingly specialised society, my clients appreciate individually-focused sessions which can address not only their physical symptoms but also the emotional and psychological aspects making up the 'whole person'.

Many years of experience in this field has shown me the value of 'listening time', often lacking in our fast-paced modern world. I find this approach makes for a more effective treatment, specific to the client's needs and expectations, enabling them to make necessary changes for improved health and quality of life.


Perth, Scotland

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